You can make a difference.

Children and youth lose so much when they have to leave their community. By opening your home, you can make a difference in their life. You don't have to be a perfect person, but an individual or couple with a genuine interest in children and a sense of community responsibility.


We need caregivers as diverse as the children that require care. We seek individuals from a variety of ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds, of any sexual orientation, speaking different languages and with a variety of child care experience.


We seek safe, nurturing, stable homes with diverse family backgrounds - single or partnered, with or without children. A bed and adequate space for each child is required.


Optimism, acceptance, patience, and consistency are essential to becoming a successful foster caregiver. An understanding of the needs of children/youth, empathy for their family, and a willingness to learn especially to help those that have experienced trauma.

Do you feel that you have something to give?
Are you looking to embrace a new challenge?
Do you enjoy working with children, youth, families, and communities?

You don’t have to be perfect
to make a difference in the life of a child.

What is it really like?

Children come into temporary care for many reasons, including physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, neglect, or exposure to domestic violence. Children and youth who have these kinds of life experiences may present emotional and/or behavioural challenges for their foster family.
So days can be challenging. But ask any of our foster families, and they will tell you that the tough days are worth it. And that you don’t have to be a superhero. They will also tell you that they are regular people, just doing their best to help children – who are the real superheroes!

You are never alone!

Each foster family is supported by a resource worker and has access to the agency 24 hours a day. You are part of a team that is connected to diverse working groups in the agency including African Canadian, Francophone, Anti-Racist, and LGBTQ2S+. As well, there is a Foster Family Association that meets regularly and provides support and a network of families with mutual interests. We offer regular workshops and courses to enhance your knowledge and skills.

“Helping families reunite has been the most rewarding for us.”

– Foster Caregivers

Foster caregivers are regular people supporting local children, youth, families and their community.

Here are a few profiles of Foster Caregivers making a difference.
Gail & Tamber

Gail & Tamber

Foster parents for 5 years

"We have no regrets! We initially contacted the agency because we wanted to adopt. But somehow through the application process we decided this was what we all needed to do. Helping families reunite has been the most rewarding. A foster mentor once told me - sometimes it's hard, but always believe you can do hard things!"



Fosters Female Youth

"After my divorce and my children were out on their own I realized how much I missed using my social work training and supporting my daughters through the difficult teen years. I decided I had more to give. My friends couldn't understand why I wanted to keep reparenting teens but it brings me joy and there are tough days, yes, but it's worth it."

Natalya & Sophie

Natalya & Sophie

Bilingual Foster Parents

"As a couple and as individuals, we have faced challenges of being accepted for our unique identities. It has helped us immensely at supporting children that have faced tremendous adversity in their young lives already. The application process was very respectful and we now have become a part of a great team."

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